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Company Information:


M&G DuraVent Inc.


877 Cotting Ct.
Vocaville, CA 95688



Contact Personnel: 

Todd Lampey, Distrb.Sales V.P.; Tim Rothgeb, Commercial/OEM Sales

Company Description:

DuraVent is a recognized technological leader in the venting industry. Consistently the first to market with new innovations in venting systems, DuraVent has captured a leadership position in emerging markets. DuraVent has patents for several products and continues to design safe and technologically advanced venting.

Trade Names:

  • Combustion Air Systems™
  • DirectVent Pro®
  • DuraBlack®
  • DuraChimney® II
  • DuraFlex®
  • DuraLiner®
  • DuraPlus HTC®
  • DuraTech®
  • DuraTech® Canada
  • DVL®
  • FasNSeal®
  • FasNSeal® Flex
  • FasNSeal® W2
  • PelletVent Pro®
  • PolyPro®
  • PolyPro® Flex
  • Type B Gas Vent™
  • Ventinox®


  • Insulation, Pipe, & Tubing
  • Insulation, Pipe, Fitting Covers
  • Piping, Plastic
  • Ventilation/ Ventilators, Roof, for Products of Combustion
  • Ventilation/ Ventilators, Roof, Gravity
  • Ventilation/ Ventilators, Unit, Electric Heating Element
  • Ventilation/ Ventilators, Unit, Gas
  • Ventilation/ Ventilators, Unit, Hot Water & Steam
  • Ventilation/ Ventilators, Units, Mixing, Outdoor Air with Room Air

Mechanical Products Sourcebook