Mechanical Products Sourcebook

Company Information:


Tithe Corp.


Skil-aire, Alliance, Amtech, Solar Power Technics, Pure Power


1809 Bayard St.
Baltimore, MD 21230-2001


(410) 625-7545


(410) 625-6421



Contact Personnel: 

Christopher Ambrose, Bus. Dev.; Lisa H. Ambrose, Pres./CEO

Company Description:

Skil-aire is a wholly owned subsidiary of Baltimore, Maryland based Tithe Corp., a 100% woman owned MBE/WBE located in a HUBZone and an Empowerment Zone. It is an environmental control and air conditioning products and services company that delivers integrated product technologies for cooling and enthalpy control solutions.

Trade Names:

  • All in One 2000
  • Convertible
  • Convertible-plus
  • Data-Might
  • Guardian
  • mini-Might
  • mini-Spot
  • Satellite
  • Skil-aire


  • AL Skil-aire Direct
    Domestic USA
    All, AL  21230-2001 
    (410) 625-7545,,


  • Active Chilled Beams
  • Air Conditioners, Computer Room
  • Air Conditioners, Ductless split
  • Air Conditioners, Duct split
  • Air Conditioners, Heat Pump
  • Air Conditioners, Induction Units
  • Air Conditioners, Portable
  • Air Conditioners, Roof-Top
  • Air handling, Blow-through
  • Air handling, Custom
  • Air handling, Draw-through
  • Air handling, Indoor
  • Air handling, Outdoor
  • Chillers, Water
  • Critical Applications, Controls, Clean Room or Laboratory Pressurization
  • Dehumidifiers, Air Exchangers
  • Dehumidifiers, Refrigerant Dehumidifier
  • Drives, Variable Frequency Drives
  • Heaters, Duct
  • Heaters, Unit, Steam & Hot Water Cabinet
  • Heaters, Water, Solar
  • Heat Recovery, Units, Heat Recovery, Air to Air, Coil Run Around
  • Humidifiers, Evaporative
  • Humidifiers, Humidistat
  • Humidifiers, Room Units
  • Humidifiers, Steam
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Air Cleaning System
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Lamps, Sterilizing, Air Stream
  • Package Equipment, Units, Humidity, Air Ventilation & Cooling
  • Package Equipment, Units, Makeup Air, Heating & Ventilating, Electric Resistance
  • Package Equipment, Units, Makeup Air, Heating & Ventilating, Steam or Hot Water
  • Package Equipment, Units, Makeup Air, Heating & Ventilating, with Cooling
  • Package Equipment, Units, Makeup Air, Heating & Ventilating, with Cooling & Humidity Control
  • Ventilation/ Ventilators, Energy Recovery Ventilators
  • Ventilation/ Ventilators, Heat Recovery
  • Ventilation/ Ventilators, Units, Mixing, Outdoor Air with Room Air

Mechanical Products Sourcebook