Mechanical Products Sourcebook

Company Information:


S&K Automation LLC


3530 Olive Ln. N.
Plymouth, MN 55447


(763) 476-1013



Contact Personnel: 

David Sheffield, Pres.

Company Description:

Leading US supplier of ball valves, air operated ball valves, electric ball valves, butterfly valves, air operated butterfly valves, electric butterfly valves, vball control valves, diverter valves, globe style control valves, magnetic flow meters, vortex flow meters,rotameters, mass coriolis flow meters, pressure transducers


  • Building Automation Systems (BAS), Sensors/Transmitters/Transducers
  • Meters, BTU or Therms
  • Meters, Condensate
  • Meters, Flow, Refrigerant
  • Meters, Flow, Water
  • Meters, Volume, Water
  • Valves, 2, 3 & 4 Way
  • Valves, Air Operating
  • Valves, Automatic Control
  • Valves, Automatic Shutoff with Manual Reset
  • Valves, Ball
  • Valves, Bar Stock
  • Valves, Butterfly, Flanged, Brass or Bronze
  • Valves, Butterfly, Flanged, Iron
  • Valves, Butterfly, Flanged, Steel
  • Valves, Butterfly, Grooved Ends
  • Valves, Butterfly, Lug
  • Valves, Butterfly, Screwed Ends
  • Valves, Butterfly, Wafer
  • Valves, Bypass
  • Valves, Check, Ball Check
  • Valves, Check, for Use with Pipe Fittings
  • Valves, Check, Spring Loaded
  • Valves, Check, Swing Check
  • Valves, Continuous Boiler Blowdown
  • Valves, Drain
  • Valves, Firesafe
  • Valves, Flow Control
  • Valves, Forged Steel
  • Valves, Gate
  • Valves, Globe, Brass & Bronze
  • Valves, Globe, Iron Body
  • Valves, Globe, Steel
  • Valves, Instrument
  • Valves, Mixing, Hot & Cold Water
  • Valves, Mixing, Hot & Cold Water, Thermostatic
  • Valves, Mixing, Steam & Water
  • Valves, Rotary
  • Valves, Sampling
  • Valves, Valve Operators
  • Valves, Zone Control

Mechanical Products Sourcebook