Mechanical Products Sourcebook

Company Information:


Jackson Systems LLC




5418 Elmwood Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46203


(888) 652-9663


(317) 227-1034



Contact Personnel: 

Kristie Burch, Dir. of Mktg.; Ray Coffman, Inside Sales Mgr.; Kurt Wessling, V.P.-Natl. Accts.

Company Description:

Jackson Systems is a leading direct-to-contractor HVAC controls manufacturer and distributor. We produce innovative products for the commercial and residential markets. Ease of installation is built into every design, providing the most contractor-friendly products in the industry. Strong technical support and free same-day shipping are the cornerstone of our excellent client service. Rebates are offered on all purchases. Jackson Systems is "Controls Done Right."

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Trade Names:

  • Barometric Zone Damper
  • Comfort System®
  • T-32-TS
  • The Green Zone®
  • WEB Comfort
  • Wireless Comfort
  • Z-2000®
  • Zone One


  • Accessories, Detectors, Smoke & Products of Combustion
  • Boilers, Steam
  • Building Automation Systems (BAS), Actuators
  • Building Automation Systems (BAS), Alarm Systems
  • Building Automation Systems (BAS), Building Automation Systems
  • Building Automation Systems (BAS), Controllers Analog
  • Building Automation Systems (BAS), Controllers Digital
  • Building Automation Systems (BAS), Cooling
  • Building Automation Systems (BAS), Heating
  • Building Automation Systems (BAS), Sensors/Transmitters/Transducers
  • Building Automation Systems (BAS), Thermostats
  • Building Automation Systems (BAS), Zone Controls
  • Drives, Variable Frequency Drives
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Humidifiers, Steam
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Lamps, Sterilizing, Air Stream
  • Life Safety, Smoke Detection
  • Meters, Air Velocity
  • Regulators, Air Velocity
  • Regulators, Damper Sets
  • Regulators, Static Pressure
  • Regulators, Temperature
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV), Units, Variable Air Volume Control, for Air Conditioning

Mechanical Products Sourcebook